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Intro Circles_Chandon The Party Starter.


Year : 2018

Creative Studio : Bloody Paper Boat

Client : Chandon India

Medium : Print


  • Illustration

  • Packaging Design

In A Nutshell


"The Party Starter" campaign aimed at showcasing Chandon as a drink that kicks off your party! The elements of the artwork were chosen to reveal the window to the world Chandon. In the world of Chandon, where India meets France, the artwork of the window frames the integration of two rather different countries. The Gatsbyesque mood and colours and the inclusion of iconic monuments like the Taj Mahal and The Eiffel Tower give a regal illusion and portray that love is truly in the air with Chandon as the catalyst. However, this artwork was not used as the campaign took a different route. To see how it evolved go here.

The Key Visual

Chandon Brut_Key Visual.jpg

Bottle Wrap

Tent Cards

Chandon Brut_Bottle Design
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