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Carina Miranda


Graphic Designer based in Mumbai, India

My career as a designer started in 2016 at Bloody Paper Boat where I first developed my skills and worked on some really cool projects. Moving to the United Kingdom to pursue my M.A. in Communication Design: Graphic Design at Kingston University (Batch of 2019) brought about a shift in the way I approach designing.

Today, I understand the importance of compelling visual storytelling. My love for typography, design hierarchy and balance stems from me being a perfectionist at heart. I aim to create beautiful and functional designs, that tell a story. I am also adept at brand strategy & enjoy illustration.

I work with digital and print mediums, creating custom designs and logos. Generally pumped on coffee, from 10 to 7 you will find me working as an Integrated Designer at OLIVER+. Otherwise, I’m usually lost in a good book or staring at the Netflix homepage.


Feel free to reach out here.

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