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Brand Collaterals  |  Menu Design  |  OOH  |  Socials

As the lead designer for Harry’s Bar & Café, I designed and executed a number of projects for them. Harry’s wanted to convey and build a vibe as a casual "Neighbourhood Bar". Keeping this in mind, I designed flyers for special events /occasions, social media posts, menus and various other brand collaterals. As the brand expanded to Pune, I used the theme of bringing people together as the focus of the designs.

Year : 2017 - 2018

Creative Studio : Bloody Paper Boat

Client : Harry's Bar & Café, India

Digital Posters

Printed Posters

Harrys Bar_Print Posters_Easel_01.jpg
Harrys Bar_Print Posters_Easel_02.jpg

Pool Night

Created the communication design for their Pool Night event, that occurred once a week at their different outlets.

Harrys Bar_Pool Tournament_Poster.gif
Harrys Bar_Pool Tournament_Rule
Pool Tournament-07.png
Harrys Bar_Pool Tournament_Prize Certifi

Brand Collaterals

In 2018, for their new outlet in Pune, I created the menus, coasters and chopstick covers.

- Food Menu -

Harry's Bar and Cafe_Food Menu Cover_201
Harry's Bar and Cafe_Food
Harry's Bar and Cafe_Food

- Drinks Menu -

Harry's Bar and Cafe_Drinks Menu Cover_2
Harry's Bar and Cafe_Drinks Menu_2018_1.
Harry's Bar and Cafe_Drinks Menu_2018_2.

- Coasters -

Harry's Bar and Cafe_Coasters 2.jpg
Harry's Bar and Cafe_Coasters 1.jpg

- Chopstick Covers -

Harry's Bar and Cafe_Chopstick

Miscellaneous Work

Harrys Bar_Tent Card.jpg
Harrys Bar_Dropdown.jpg
Harrys Bar_Bottle Label.jpg

2017 Menu Design

Harry's Bar and Cafe_Food Menu_2017.jpg
Harry's Bar and Cafe_Drinks
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