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Ideation  |  Design  |  Illustration

To promote the new adidas Kids 360 FTW collection, we had to create assets for an e-mail header and the website landing page. The aim was to engage parents with the Kids 360 FTW collection and encourage purchase for their kids. Drive engagement with eye catching comms that bring the supplied copy to life.

I worked with Rakesh, the design lead and Alex, the motion designer on this project.

Year : 2022

Agency : OLIVER+

Client : adidas UK

E-mail Header - Animation Storyboard

Through this image we wanted to bring to life the copy that imagines kids in different fun scenarios.

Frame 1

Opening scene with shoe hopping around trees.

2311951 - CAM_CRM_Origination_Ori Kids 360_DCE_SS22_Comp 2.png

Frame 2

The shoe changes and soars among the clouds.

2311951 - CAM_CRM_Origination_Ori Kids 360_DCE_SS22_Comp 3.png

Frame 3

The end scene with the third shoe jumping in a puddle.

Final Emailer Mockup

Desktop & mobile versions [Animation by Alex]

Onsite assets

We also had to produce an interactive wallpaper component for the Kids' footwear page on the adidas website, in order to ease the user journey when deciding on kids' footwear.

2455277 - CAM_Onsite_EU_Adaptation+_Kids footwear IWP_FW22_TileImages_M_TB_CasualShoes_580

Casual sneakers

2455277 - CAM_Onsite_EU_Adaptation+_Kids footwear IWP_FW22_TileImages_M_TB_Football_580x36

Football shoes

2455277 - CAM_Onsite_EU_Adaptation+_Kids footwear IWP_FW22_TileImages_M_TB_Gym&Training_58

Gym & Training

2455277 - CAM_Onsite_EU_Adaptation+_Kids footwear IWP_FW22_TileImages_M_TB_Outdoor_580x360

Outdoor shoes

2455277 - CAM_Onsite_EU_Adaptation+_Kids footwear IWP_FW22_TileImages_M_TB_Slides&Sandals_

Slides and Sandals

As seen on the adidas website.

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