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adidas ZX

Design  |  OOH Print  |  Adaptation

For this project, I was tasked with creating a bus wrap as part of the adidas ZX campaign. Equipped with the campaign key visuals, my goal was to creatively utilise these elements to craft a striking bus wrap. Precise product and logo placement were essential to ensure a seamless integration, avoiding any awkward cropping that could take away from the overall impact. Collaborating with the team lead, Jessica Parenti, who oversaw the project and provided quality feedback, as well as the image retoucher, Steve Goodman, who ensured the images met the printing specifications, our team synergistically brought this fun project to life.

Year : 2022

Agency : OLIVER+

Client : adidas UK

Assets provided by adidas

We used elements from these key visuals to create the artwork for the bus wrap.

Artwork creation on the bus line drawing

On the streets of London

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