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Conceptualisation  |  Design  |  Projection Mapping  |   Indian Art

For a lavish Indian Wedding set in the ambiance of Mehrangarh Fort, Rajasthan, I designed four artworks that draw inspiration from the rich heritage of Rajasthani paintings and the mesmerising allure of stained glass. These distinct pieces showcase a collage-style arrangement of stock imagery and illustrations. The visuals were projected across the fort walls by the team at Studio Ocupus. Additionally, the centre LED display showcases dynamic content that complements the overall experience.

Together, these four distinct artworks pay homage to the grandeur of Mehrangarh Fort and its historical significance, while also celebrating the spirit of love and union of the newly wed couple.

Year : 2023

Collaboration : Studio Ocupus

Artwork 1 - Rajasthani painting inspired

Artwork 2 - Indian stained glass inspired


Artwork 3 - Rajasthani painting inspired

Artwork 3 - Rajasthani painting inspired

Artwork 4 - Indian stained glass inspired


Live visuals of the projection mapping

(Images courtesy of Studio Ocupus)

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